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The National Security Agency considers itself the world's most formidable cyber power, with an army of computer warriors who constantly scan the wired world. Yet by law, the NSA only collects intelligence abroad, and not inside the U. In a Housewives wants real sex Lundale breach last year, hackers widely believed to be from Russia's foreign intelligence service, the SVR, placed malware on a software update produced by the Texas company Solar Winds. No one had reason to be suspicious, or the legal authority to monitor, as that software update was sent out electronically from SolarWinds to 18, organizations, including nine U.

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This uses publicly available information to provide background on aspects of Sexy women want sex tonight Waxahachie. We have also highlighted harmful actions taken by those Collins has confirmed to the judicial and executive branches.

Because her vote helped put these individuals in power, Collins shares responsibility for their actions. about why we created this resource HERE. As with all resources on this website, the content on this is produced and maintained by Suit Up Maine members and administrators. Suit Up Maine is unfunded, all volunteer, all Mainer, and completely independent. Instead, we highlight those that contradict her carefully stylized but inaccurate branding as a moderate.

Every vote included here is verified with links to official roll calls or committee reports. New information will be featured on the HOME tab above.

Know of a vote or donor record we might want to share here? us at suitupmaine gmail. We only include information that we can verify through an accurate and reputable source, so please include that information in your. Here are a few nonpartisan sites we recommend:.

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When Sen. Susan Collins R was elected to the U. Senate inshe pledged to serve no more than two terms. She has now announced that she will run for her fifth term in Our message to the senator: Your two terms are up. To assist Mainers as they prepare for the Senate race, we created this resource highlighting Sen. We also highlight the harmful actions taken by those Collins has confirmed to the judicial and executive branches.

Romaintic and fun lover her vote helped put these individuals in positions of power, Collins shares the responsibility for the harm they Spontaneous lets date a week and get married. Barrett, a far-right Federalist Society member who opposes marriage equality, reproductive rights, and the ACA, ascended to her current post on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals with assistance from Collins, who confirmed her in But she did not announce her decision until after McConnell announced he had the votes to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court.

about Coney Barrett and the other extremist Trump judges Collins has confirmed under the Judicial Nominees tab above. Collins angered workers at Bath Iron Works by falsely implying in a campaign ad that she played a role in ending a contentious strike last summer. Leases could be sold for drilling on 1. Click on the Environment tab above to learn more. Despite these findings, Collins continues to imply that Mainers would rather draw UI than return to work. Collins has a long history of opposing issues important to workers, including voting against a minimum wage increase and collective bargaining rights and supporting the repeal Beautiful wives wants sex Dublin worker safety and fair pay protections.

Click on the Workers Rights tab above to learn more. Click on the Civil Rights and Reproductive Rights tabs above to learn more. Download this image as a JPG to share on social media.

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Download this image as a high-resolution 2-sided PDF for printing. For a deeper dive, find information below on some of the worst of the worst of Naked chicks from sioux Winchcombe Trump nominees Collins has confirmed, many of whom have already issued rulings that are having a chilling effect on civil rights and social justice.

Amy Coney Barrett, U. Collins did not announce Good asian woman position until after McConnell announced he had the votes to confirm the nominee.

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A longtime member of the Federalist Society, Barrett supports the judicial philosophy of Justice Antonin Scalia, for whom she once clerked and sided with in his narrow interpretation of the Commerce Clause, which he used to argue that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and should be struck down. She has articulated an unusual degree of comfort with departing from judicial precedent and has expressed support for overturning Roe v Wade.

Brett Kavanaugh, U. Supreme Court. See the roll call. Following his nomination in Julynearly civil and human Champery online girl for fuck organizations and more than faith leaders urged the Senate to oppose Kavanaugh—including dozens of groups in Maine.

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This unprecedented level of opposition Sex friend lausanne based on his prior arguments, opinions, writings, and speeches on a range of issuesincluding reproductive rights, executive powers, the environment, the Affordable Care Act, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, gun reform, voting rights, and religious liberty. Kavanaugh had also ly asserted that presidents should not be subject to investigation, should not have to answer subpoenas, and should be allowed to fire special counsels. I n September, Dr.

Christine Blasey Ford came forward with credible accusations that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when they were teens. Other women later made similar reports of assault by Kavanaugh.

Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee at the end of Woman seeking real sex Bergman Arkansas, followed the same day by rebuttal testimony from Kavanaugh. Watch their testimony. During his appearance, Kavanaugh conducted himself with open partisan hostility toward Democrats and evaded questions. It also appears likely that he lied to the Senate under oath, since several facts in his testimony were later contradicted.

Bending to public pressure, the Trump administration ordered the FBI to re-open its background check of Kavanaugh, with several restrictions: agents were not allowed to talk to Adult singles in La crescenta California Ford, Kavanaugh, or key corroborating witnesses. The truncated inquiry was over in less than a week. Following her vote, Collins had the best fundraising quarter of her career, with almost all the donations coming from out-of-state, dark-money groups that had supported Kavanaugh.

Neil Gorsuch, U. Gorsuch has a long history of favoring corporations and opposing the rights of individuals, including dissenting opinions in cases involving workplace discrimination, a worker electrocuted to death on the job, workers denied wages, and a firing in violation of whistleblower protection laws. His record also included a history of ruling against children with disabilities. Just prior to his confirmation, the Supreme Court overruled a decision he made about eligibility for children with disabilities to receive assistance under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, drawing a rare unanimous rebuke from the Supreme Court for the standard he applied in that case.

He also refused to discuss his views on dark money in elections, warrantless surveillance, LGBTQ rights, immigration bans, or the Emoluments clause. He has written in praise of a New Deal-era judge who voted against the minimum wage and voted to strike down social security.

Source: Alliance for Justice. Despite pledging that she would never vote for a nominee deemed Harrisville MI adult personals by the ABA, Collins confirmed him. He sat on the board of an organization that supports conversion therapy, proposed a city rule allowing discrimination against Housewives seeking sex Olathe Kansas job applicants, fought to deny Medicaid coverage to a woman who sought to terminate a pregnancy resulting from rape, and holds troubling views about the separation of church and state.

John K. Bush, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Bush has compared abortion to slavery, mocked climate change, sneered about women, and spread the birther claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

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He used an anti-LGBTQ slur in a speech at a private Kentucky club and criticized a State Department decision to alter the wording on passport applications to allow for same-sex parents. He sought to invalidate campaign finance laws and has questioned a pivotal ruling on the freedom of the press.

Woman looking nsa Arden Hills Minnesota represented Reagan in the Iran-Contra scandal, arguing for sweeping executive powers.

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Source: People for the American Way. Gregory Katsas, D. Circuit Court of Appeals. An ultra-conservative, Katsas is a longtime member of the Federalist Find Sex Dates - Horny women in Alamo, ND and a former clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas.

For the Bush Justice Departmenthe worked on at least five major cases involving executive power, pushing for positions that the D. Circuit Court and the Supreme Court rejected as abuses of authority. Neomi Rao, D. Traditionally, blue slips stop a nomination from moving forward.

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Under McConnell, however, the blue slip tradition has been ignored. He also wrote an amicus brief supporting the addition of a Mwm seeking special Belize with mwf question in the census and asserted that the Department of Justice had requested the addition of this question.

Evidence later surfaced that this had been a lie.

Patrick Wyrick, U. District Court in Oklahoma. He was also called out from the bench by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor for making unsubstantiated statements in oral arguments before the Supreme Court. Michael J. Truncale, U. District Court in Texas. In Do you need a new Billings speeches, Truncale advocated abolishing the Department of Education; argued for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act; criticized safety net programs including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood; expressed bias against LGBT people; and scoffed at unions and environmental protections.

Collins introducing Jeff Sessions at his confirmation hearing for attorney general in January Collins sided with her party to confirm Rep. John Ratcliffe R-TX to be the new director of national intelligence DNIdespite his ificant lack of experience and evidence that he inflated his .